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London: English Breakfast

Parliament & Big Ben London
London was the site of one of my more unplanned food discoveries. Being only the second stop of my trip, I was still really jet lagged and woke up very early. So, I found myself wandering the streets of London looking for something to eat and free Wifi.London Early Morning Streets
When I saw a small little shop that had both "Full English Breakfast" and "Free Wifi" signs in the front, I knew I had reached my destination.

When I think of a full breakfast, I usually picture eggs, bacon or sausage, toast and home fries. An English breakfast is all of that, plus beans, a tomato, and some vegetables for good measure.Full English Breakfast
When the English say a "full" breakfast, they really mean it. Three kinds of meat, two kinds of potatoes, and beans--all served with an English style tea, of course.
Full English Breakfast with Tea
The bacon is similar to Canadian bacon, in that it's back bacon, but isn't coated in peameal like the Canadian version. I also really enjoyed the beans since it reminded me of trips to Golden Griddle when I was younger, where I got plates full of the stuff. The breakfast is great and obviously very filling. What a great way to start an adventure filled day.
Piccadilly Circus London

- Donnie the Foodie
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