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NYC chef David Chang's foray into Toronto's restaurant scene, Momofuku Ramen Bar is the first of 3 restaurants opening beside the new Shangri La hotel/condos. As the story goes, David Chang's original noodle bar teetered on bankruptcy until David simply said "Fuck it!" and just started to cook what he felt like, creating a soul food-esqe menu. The rest, shall we say, is history. With several restaurants in NYC and branches as far as Sydney, Australia, Momofuku is the latest and greatest in food culture.
Momofuku @ Shangrila Toronto

So, when I heard that there was a Momofuku opening in Toronto, I knew this was something I had to try. Wanting to maximize our experience, my friend and I decided to get different dishes and share. I got the Momofuku Ramen, while my friend ordered the Kimchi Stew. We also got a jar of Kimchi and pork buns to start.
Momofuku Kim Chi

The meal started off very well, the Kimchi itself was quite yummy. And the pork buns, being slabs of pork belly on Chinese steamed buns, simply melted in your mouth. Momofuku Pork Buns
The Kimchi Stew was also surprisingly delicious. Unlike other upscale Asian restaurants that serve exactly the same dishes that you can get uptown for half the price and double the amount, this Kimchi stew was really something different. Based off of Kimchi Chige, Momofuku's version is much more refined than any of its uptown equivalents. Momofuku Kim Chi Stew
The broth is much richer and more luscious, with fillings like little cubes of daikon radish and pulled pork adding to its delicacy. Sadly, the ramen failed to follow suit. The noodles were freshly made, which was a nice touch, but the broth was lack-luster. I'd even go as far as to say that many of the uptown equivalents are much better.

Overall the meal was really good and I can see why his restaurants do so well. I'm excited to try his next two additions, though the $60 price tag on a ramen meal with a few appetizers scares me, Momofuku Menu
especially when my friend says that's probably the cheapest Momofuku meal that I'll ever get.

- Donnie the Foodie
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