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Brixton: Guyanese Roti

THE best moment of my trip had to be the Paul van Dyk release party for his new album, Evolution, at the Electric Brixton.London Brixton Paul Van Dyke After all those years of listening to BBC Radio 1, one thing I knew I had to do in London was go to a proper London party. After all, this is where all that amazing music comes from. I was even ready to go to the Ministry of Sound by myself and take pictures like an obvious tourist to accomplish this goal. Luckily, I had met some Londoners while I was in Copenhagen and it just so happened that they were going to the Paul van Dyk release party for his new album, party.

Ordering my tickets online, the pick up instructions were quite vague. Only saying where they would be available, but not when, I ended up heading out to Brixton--a district slightly outside central London--twice trying to pick up my tickets. London Brixton Tube

While wandering the streets, I noticed a definite Caribbean influence. Being a fan of West Indian cuisine myself, I knew I had to try something.
London Brixton
One particular food truck caught my eye. Looking a little rusty on the outside and a little like someones grandmother's kitchen on the inside, this food truck advertised "Guyanese Roti" on the outside, something that I have never seen back home. Also, saying the inside looked like a grandmother's kitchen wasn't far from the truth. There was a single older Guyanese woman making the rotis by hand and all the fillings on her little stove.London Brixton Guyanese Roti Once I ordered a goat roti, she went to the back, brought one a freshly pressed roti, and warmed it up on a pan--delicious! Unlike any of the rotis I've had back home, the gravy was thick and almost paste-like, with a super salty and rich flavor to match. The taste reminded me a lot of one of my favorite Indonesian dishes called Rawon. The roti itself was very delicious as well, nice and crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside--a perfect compliment to the rich spicy filling.

- Donnie the Foodie
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