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Seville: Tapas

Tapas Spain
Tapas--what other dishes could be more synonymous with Spanish cuisine? But something that most people don't know about tapas is they actually originated in southern Spain and have only started being served in northern cities recently because of such high demand from tourists.Croquettes Spain Seville

So, in my quest to try some, I chose Seville, one of the most southern and summery Spanish cities I visited.
Plaza de España Seville Spain

The reason that Seville felt so summery to me was that we had just spent 2 rainy days in Granada and now were treated to beautiful sunny days in Seville. Seville Alcazar outside

Walking around the beautiful gardens of Alcazar--smelling sweetly of jasmine--Seville Alcazar Gardenwhile we sunbathed on one of the alcoves at Plaza de España watching people floating around in row boats certainly added to that feelingPlaza de España Boats Spain
--as did the general orange, yellow, and pink color scheme of the buildings with Seville Orange trees littered all though the streets.Seville Spain

Seville was also the site of one of my more memorable and probably more authentic tapas experiences. Seville Meat PlateHaving spent a week in Mexico earlier and being in Spain for 5 days now, I had picked up some passable Spanish. Simple phrases like caliente, pico, manchada, and of course uno mas cerveza--only what's important right? :) Seville Tapas Menu

Well, enough to order food, anyway. Being closer to what tapas started off with, the restaurant was a mostly standing bar with a list of the tapas quickly jotted down on a chalk board. Having managed to scrounge up some seats, my family sent me over to the bar to order up our tapas. And with what Spanish I did know, I was able to a pretty good job.Seville Tapas

A couple from Seattle who I had struck up a conversation with at the bar, thought I was actually fluent!

- Donnie the Foodie
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