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Madrid: Mercado de San Miguel

Reina Sofia
Being told by everyone that Madrid is just another big city and not worth spending too much time in, my expectations were set quite low. This then made Madrid one of the most unexpected surprises during my trip.Madrid
Madrid was actually a very beautiful city with architecture rivaling anything Paris had to offer. There were several large turnabouts that had fountains in the middle, adding to the open feeling of the city. Madrid in the park
Museo del Prado and Reina Sofia are some of the most visited museums in the world and hold such legendary works as Las Meninas and Guernica. And of course there was Mercado de San Miguel.

Mercado de San Miguel is a market in the middle of Madrid that is housed in the original iron structure, built between 1913 and 1916. Mercado de San Miguel Toast
Privately owned, the market is set up as an obvious tourist trap with tourist prices to match--BUT I would still recommend a visit. Mercado de San Miguel Olives
The food here was extremely delicious, and walking around looking at all the different booths uncovered some interesting food finds.
Mercado de San Miguel Cheese

Some of the highlights: probably the best paella that I had during my time in Spain; fresh chips and pork rinds; amazing olive skewers; scallops on the half shell; and, of course, Spanish coffee. There was just so much to choose from, I wish we could have come back.Mercado de San Miguel Scallops

- Donnie the Foodie
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