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Kinton Ramen

After my debacle at Momofuku, I was still craving a GOOD bowl of ramen and after doing a bit of research, Kinton was one of two places I had to visit. Being part of the Guu family of restaurants, I knew that Kinton Ramen had good roots and a strong potential to be great.
Kinton Ramen Toronto

Upon entering, I was greeted with the same enthusiasm that I've come to expect from a Guu joint. I asked to be seated at the bar, facing into the kitchen, so I could see my ramen being made. Memories of my favorite Vancouver ramen joint Kintaro suddenly came to mind. The ramen is freshly made and only cooked in batches of 8-10, so each bowl can be given extra attention.
Kinton Ramen the Kitchen

Keeping it simple, I went with a bowl of their miso ramen with a piece of belly pork. As I watched the chefs make my bowl of ramen, I noticed that each slab of pork belly was cut off a larger piece by hand, then flame seared using a flame thrower--this is an amazing touch! The pork after being simmered for several hours is already extremely tender, but the additional flame throw gives the outside a nice sear and makes the inside almost molten, when you bite into it.
Kinton Ramen Miso

Overall I was very impressed with the ramen at Kinton, it definitely lived up to the high expectations I had for it, and for sure was better than Momofuku. Next stop Sansotei!

- Donnie the Foodie
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