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Edmonton: Tres Carnales

Tres Carnales

Taking a break from Europe, I'm going to talk about one of my favorite discoveries while travelling: Tres Carnales in Edmonton. I wouldn't say Edmonton is a foodies dream by any means, but there are a few hidden gems if you really look around. Edmonton the view
Despite how much I never want to go back to Edmonton, this is the one place that might be able to convince me.

At first glance, Tres Carnales seems like a kitchy, over-the-top place, trying-too-hard Tex Mex joint.Tres Carnales A quick look at the menu, however, suggests otherwise. Authentic Mexican tacos like arrachera, al pastor and pollo asado are the kinds of things that were on the menu back in Playa de Carmen, Mexico. On top of that that, you can get your filling in a Torta (a large bread pocket) and they have a wicked selection of cervezas. I knew I was in for a treat.
Tres Carnales Torta

I got basic tacos with chorizo, something that I've had at a few different places, while my friends each got the Torta with different fillings. I do I have to say I was very impressed as the tacos were very authentic. The first thing I noticed is that, unlike a typical North American Tex-mex taco, the tacos from Tres Carnales come in small soft shells, just like all the places that I went to in Mexico. Tres Carnales Tacos
The toppings were all delicious and the Tortas even got the thumbs up from my coworker who said it was just like back home in Ecuador.Tres Carnales Julian Approved
I'd even go as far to say that the tacos here were better than some of the ones that I tried back in Mexico, and they're much closer. Although, I'd still choose Mexico over Edmonton.
Tres Carnales Nachos

- Donnie the Foodie
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Hot Beans

Hot Beans Kensington Market Toronto

When my vegan friends told me they had found a burrito place that was better than Burrito Boys, I thought "suuure, better than Burrito Boys, because it uses TVP (texturized vegetable protein)." At the same time, I know my vegan friends like good food as well, so I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and made my way to Kensington market to give it a try.

I tried their TVP burrito and I have to say that, yes, it actually is better than Burrito Boys :) .
TVP Burrito from Hot Beans Kensington Market TorontoWhat makes it good is indeed the TVP. Its texture makes it nice and meaty but not overpowering, as real meat would be. This allows the burrito to be filled to the brim with pieces of TVP, covered in a really tasty sauce that never gets tiring to eat.

As well as their basic TVP, bean or Seitan burritos, Hot Beans also has a bunch of off-menu items, such as their breakfast burritos. I will have to investigate further :) .

- Donnie the Foodie

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